A good diet in adulthood can improve physical fitness in old age | fitness

A study looked at the long-term effect of a healthy diet during adulthood on physical function in older age and found it boosted physical fitness. The team, led by scientists at the University of Southampton, gathered data from 969 British men and women whose lifestyles have been monitored since they were born, in March 1946.

The team collected information from the participants at ages 36, 43, 53, and 60-64, examining the participants’ diets at different ages in relation to three standard measures of physical function at age 60-64 – chair rise, timed up-and-go speeds, standing balance.

The chair rise test measures the time taken to perform ten chair rises, rising from a sitting to a standing position and back down again; the timed up-and-go test looks at the time taken to rise from a chair, walk three metres at normal pace, turn around, return to the chair and sit down; and a standing balance test measures the time a person can stand on one leg with their eyes closed up to a maximum of 30 seconds.

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