Anti-EMS tech firm close to market launch on salmon, tilapia treatments

DUBLIN, Ireland — Biotechnology firm Fixed Phage (PG) — which works with industry partners to develop bacteria-killing products using its patented processes — is close to commercial agreements on treatments for a number of species, commercial director Athol Haas told Undercurrent News.

FP uses its technology to irreversibly coat surfaces in bacteriophages (phages) — naturally-occurring, organic microbes that target and destroy specific bacteria — thereby making them inherently anti-bacterial.

In a practical sense, this means — for instance — being able to coat shrimp feed in phages which kill the bacteria causing early mortality syndrome (EMS); the “single biggest issue” the company has targeted, said Haas.

It is in this field that FP has its first long-standing relationship with a key aquaculture player, whose name cannot be disclosed, but which is active in Asia, he said.

“They want to create, with us, an effective product for fighting EMS, that it can sell,” he explained. “So the product will be exclusive to them, but any partners which can help create this could be welcomed; they’re quite approachable.”

As can be seen in the slide below, presented at the Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership conference in Dublin, Ireland, trials in shrimp EMS have yielded promising results.

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