Big Brother star Lateysha Grace is doing a workout DVD for Christmas

BIG Brother star Lateysha Grace has landed a workout DVD deal which will be out in time for the new year – but she needs to lose two stone in two months.

The Welsh beauty is in a race to lose the weight before filming the final part of the DVD just before Christmas and insiders say it’s a challenge for her because time is so tight.

 Lateysha's most recent Instagram shows off her amazing curvesInstagram

Lateysha’s most recent Instagram shows off her amazing curves

“Lateysha has got this workout DVD deal where she will slim down and show off this amazing body transformation, but it’s really hard work,” says our insider.

“She wants to lose two stone in time for the big reveal – and she’ll need to film in two months if she wants to cash in on the New Year, post-Christmas market.

“She wants it to come out for Christmas, really, so there’s quite a lot of pressure – especially as these DVDs are all about a dramatic weight loss picture on the cover.

“She’s trying to do it all healthily, but it’s a bit of a race. Time is tight.”

 She wants to lose two stoneinstagram/lateysha_grace

She wants to lose two stone

Lateysha, who appeared on last year’s Big Brother and shot to fame in MTV’s The Valleys, has recently landed her own reality show, which is filming right now.

The show, on MTV, will follow her life as she moves to London as the single mum to one year old Wynter.

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