Biological pest control is best because it’s nature’s way

The following insect organic control tip comes from Craig Endler, who gardens in Santa Clarita.

“Eventually your garden pots will break, however slightly than toss them into the trash, recycle your damaged pots right into a useful critter shelter. I made pieces of my damaged pots into lizard group condos. I layered the broken pieces in a remote part of my backyard. There’s a giant open middle area within the shelter with many openings and exits throughout. This provides the lizards a cool protective shelter in the summertime, and a heat place to reside through the winter. The lizards reward me with consuming plenty of undesirable bugs in my backyard, and they’re entertaining to observe as properly.”

As for attracting birds, who are the easiest insect control agents, Endler has provide you with a artistic means of bringing them into his backyard.

“I’ve observed through the years that birds seem to love the coco fibers from my hanging baskets, pulling them out to make use of in their nest building.

“I had one hanging basket the place the plant was lengthy lifeless and birds wouldn’t solely take a look at the coco fibers, but would look alongside the highest of the filth for nest materials. I later added some dried grass from my yard, small twigs, and anything that I assumed would make good nest materials, and set them all on prime of the dust.

“If the birds like what they see, they may use it to build their nests — hopefully, in a birdhouse in my yard.”

Biological control of undesirable garden pests is the fascinating method to go. It’s a backyard management device that encourages natural processes by bringing one dwelling organism into the backyard to munch on another.

Apart from, having chemical compounds round to regulate backyard pests is all the time a nuisance. The preparation to be used and software have to be completed while protecting skin, eyes and respiration passages. And storing chemical compounds is a problem, too. Chemical pest control may kill or discourage useful bugs and other pleasant wildlife.

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