Clever Tips for Houseplants, Ant Invasion

Use leftover water from boiling potatoes or old fish aquarium water on your houseplants. Both are full of nutrients.

Making mashed potatoes tonight? When you finish boiling those potatoes and you are about to drain them, be sure to save that water. Let the water cool then give your houseplants a drink. It’s loaded with nutrients that will let your plants grow.

Bill Luedecke and his daughter, Martelle, offer gardening advice for the Highland Lakes.

For another drink, when you change the water in your fish aquarium, use it for watering your houseplants. That water has an abundance of ammonia, fish waste, algae, and beneficial bacteria. Your plants will thank you profusely.


As the trees turn, gather the leaves as they fall for your composting activities. Keep in mind there are things other than kitchen scraps (vegetables, etc. — no animal products). Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Add the grounds and leftover tea bags (minus the staples) to your composting. Bananas are great source of potassium and should be added as well.


If you have young children or grandchildren or you just leave food around, chances are you’re a prime target for an ant invasion. First of all, remove the food source then clean the surface with either apple cider vinegar or orange oil or a combination. Now that you have mixed the two ingredients, spray baseboards and remember the outside of the house and doorways. Once you are outside, a dusting around the foundation of your house with diatomaceous earth is an excellent idea. You can also spray around your home with 20 percent vinegar.

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