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Dangerous Android app lets would-be hackers create ransomware without writing any code

The days of needing the coding skills of an accomplished hacker to build malware are over, at least if news from Symantec is true.

The antivirus and cybersecurity company recently reported the existence of a Trojan Development Kit (TDK) that allows anyone to create Android ransomware—no coding skill required.

Symantec Principal Threat Analysis Engineer Dinesh Venkatesan says that the latest TDK discovery continues a trend from earlier in the year when TDKs were first discovered.

As the number of available ransomware-generating apps increases so will the scale of the threat for Android users. With the mobile OS already rife with malware there’s nothing good to be gained from the average user being able to create malicious APKs with just a few taps of a screen.

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