Diet or exercise more important when losing weight

Exercise and diet both factor into weight loss.
  • Health and fitness expert Jillian Michaels says exercise and diet both play a role when it comes to losing weight.
  • However, she says weight loss is 80% exercise and 20% diet.
  • She says weight maintenance is the opposite, 20% exercise and 80% diet.
  • When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s critical to burn more calories than you take in, and the best way to do this is by exercising.

Both exercise and diet play a critical role when it comes to losing weight and keeping that weight off.

But just how critical each of these components are can be hard to know.

When we asked Jillian Michaels, health and fitness expert and creator of the Jillian Michaels app, she said it really depends on whether your goal is weight loss or weight maintenance.

Here are the formulas Michaels recommends for each of those goals.

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