Donald Trump Charlottesville Response

Donald Trump Responds To Charlottesville

When Joy Reid expressed shock that Trump merely called the situation “sad,” Judd Apatow said, “He is a puppet. An uncontrollable moronic puppet his masters can partly control. I hope we survive this awful mistake. Register2vote.” Zach Braff also pretended to be Trump, writing, “I’m playing golf, but this is annoying. I’ll tweet something useless later.” Patton Oswalt mocked, “‘The Confederacy, yuck!’ — Lincoln. ‘Auschwitz, two thumbs down!’ — Truman. ‘Birmingham, super not cool!’ — LBJ.”

He also wrote back to the president, “‘Charlottesville’ isn’t sad. ‘Charlottesville’ is fine. It’s the Nazis IN Charlottesville that are sad. And evil. You drip.” George Takei also told Trump, “Donnie, denouncing white nationalists now after encouraging them throughout your campaign? You’re days late and as usual many dollars short.” And Lady Gaga asked him, “Too afraid to do the right thing cuz you will lose votes? Doesn’t matter, younger generation has the answer to #BeKind.”

At approximately 3:35 p.m., Trump held a press conference, where he delivered prepared remarks. While condemning the “egregious display of violence,” he also said it’s occurring “on many sides” and not a result of his presidency. He again called the situation “sad,” and insisted that the country is actually doing well. His strongest statement was arguably when he said, “No matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are all Americans first.” He did not refer to domestic terrorism at all, prompting Olivia Munn to exclaim in the wake of the deadly car crash, “What the f*ck… No matter what Trump says or doesn’t say this is a hate crime and domestic terrorism.”

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