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Duo v16 adds new notification types and Notification Channels on Android O, tweaks UI for Audio/Video toggle [APK Download]

While Allo’s new web client scored most of the headlines this week, its sister app Duo wasn’t to be left out in the cold. A new update to the video chat app is out with a few changes of its own. Notifications are a significant part of this release with a new toggle in settings for all users and full support for Notification Channels on Android O. And for some users, there are a few tweaks to the UI of the Audio/Video selector and contact list.

What’s New

Unofficial Changelog: (the stuff we found)

  • New notification type for “special events & topics”
  • Custom notification channels (Android O)
  • Audio/Video toggle moved down to the calling window and icons in the contact list match the current setting

Special events & topics

If you haven’t really had a sense of when to use Duo, you can always let the app itself tell you. At least that’s what a new toggle on the settings page would seem to suggest. It bears the name “special events & topics,” but the description says these are “suggestions on when to use Duo.” I’m not sure that title and description really go together, nor do they make it clear what we’ll get exactly. Nevertheless, it’s easily disabled if these notifications become a bother.

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