Fall Harvest Fun in Colorado: Pumpkins, Hayrides and More

We don’t have to tell you twice: Fall is the perfect time for fun on the farm and pumpkins galore! Here’s a look at some of our favorite ways to enjoy Colorado’s bountiful harvest before the next snow storm hits.

Hill’s Harvest
3225 East 124th Avenue, Thornton
Open daily through October 31

For a taste of the country right here in the city, check out this adorable u-pick pumpkin patch, offering a wide variety of season gourds, including pie pumpkins, ghost pumpkins, “Little Jacks,” and much more. From teeny to jumbo, there are plenty of sizes of pumpkins to choose from. The farm stand also carries corn stalk bundles, straw bales, decorative gourds, Indian corn, winter squash, preserves, apple cider, peach cider, and cherry juice — and they just started roasting chilies, too. Swing by on a Saturday or Sunday, and you’ll get a free hayride. Admission to the patch is free. For more information visit the Hill’s Harvest website.

Six Fun Ways to Celebrate Fall Harvest in Colorado

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