Five Fashion Rules Meant To Be Broken | The Jewish Press – | Shira Rosenbluth | 1 Heshvan 5778 – October 20, 2017

Photo Credit: Shira Rosenbluth

Shira Rosenbluth

Fashion rules have existed for years, but it’s now 2017 and fashion rules are mostly antiquated, outdated, and just begging to be broken. You were probably told that your bag should match your shoes, you shouldn’t wear navy and black together, not to wear stripes if you’re curvy, and, of course, the famous one, never wear white after Labor Day. Let’s stop paying attention to those rules, as they’re pretty much irrelevant at this point.

1. How to Wear White After Labor DayShira 102017 White Skirt


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Your mother may have told you not to wear white after Labor Day, but it’s time to ditch that notion. These days, people are starting to realize that fashion is a form of self-expression; people are wearing what makes them feel confident and happy as opposed to what might be conventionally flattering or safe.

Of course, unless you live in a warm climate, you may not want to wear a little white dress and sandals in January. I’m sure frostbite is no picnic! But there are so many ways to wear white throughout the year – no matter the climate – while still dressing appropriately for the weather. In the fall, pairing a white skirt with a chunky knit will make your outfit more season-appropriate. Swapping sandals or flats for ankle boots goes a long way as well. You’ll also probably want to save your white linen for beach season and instead consider cozy white sweaters, crisp white denim, and white wool coats instead.

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