Five-Year-Old Fashion Photographer Should Be an Inspiration to Us All

Jayden Bethea is a toddler on a mission. At an impressively young age of five, Jayden has already discovered and developed an impressive passion for fashion photography. Following in the footsteps of his mother, Selah B. Marie Bethea, Jayden is showing that creating great photography is within the reach of anyone who has a passion to create and a willingness to experiment. Armed with his trusty Nikon D5300, 18-55mm lens, and the support of his energetic mom, Jayden is creating work at a quality far beyond his years.

Back in December 2016, Selah was conducting a fashion shoot in Charlotte, North Carolina and had Jayden on set who was watching the entire process with curiosity and intrigue. Inspired by his interest, Selah had the idea to give the then three-year-old Jayden one of her backup cameras and let him try on his own. To her surprise and delight, Jayden took to photography with an impressive ferocity and immediately started creating surprisingly good photos. Impressed by her son’s aptitude for wielding a camera, she decided to let Jayden continue shooting and to start letting him conduct his own shoots.

With Selah’s help in selecting model and location, Jayden shows up to each shoot eager to create amazing photos. He is even learning to manage his camera settings on his own. Composition and framing, though, is where Jayden’s passion currently lies. He loves to capture creatively interesting frames that match and even exceed the creative direction of work by far more experienced photographers. Jayden is a five year old on a mission to create amazing fashion photography. 

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