Frank And Oak Women: Women’s fashion from clicks to bricks

Most fashion retailers start out in the large and often lucrative womenswear market and, later, tack on some guy clothes to expand their customer base. Traditionally, companies have also done bricks-and-mortar first and then added online sales.

Montreal’s Frank And Oak has carved out a legacy by doing things its way: online menswear first, and then into stores. Tackling women’s fashion after four years in.

And now, the brand has opened its first Frank And Oak Women store in Ontario with a location on Queen St. W. near Bathurst St. (The first in Canada opened in Montreal in September, so the concept is really new.)

Just before the store’s first day last week, the racks were neatly stocked with a cozy array of dress pants, sweaters, bags and shoes. A simple T-shirt goes for $24.50, while a wool blend coat sells for $219. It’s $119 for a merino tunic.

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