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Google app 7.10 reveals that ‘Bisto’ are headphones that run Google Assistant [APK Teardown]

The latest beta of the Google app is rolling out today and it reveals a great deal of new information about “Bisto.” References to a new device type emerged with version 7.0 in April and only returned earlier this month to the app.

With version 7.10, we now know much more about this device, including that Bisto in fact refers to headphones that run Google Assistant.

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About APK Teardowns: In this ‘APK teardown,’ we’ve decompiled the latest version of an application that was uploaded to the Play Store. When an app (or an APK, to be specific, in the case of Android apps) is decompiled, we’re able to see various lines of code within it that hint at possible future features. Keep in mind that Google may or may not ever ship these features, and our interpretation of what they are may be imperfect. With that in mind, read on.

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