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Google Play Store APK version 8.1.73 now available for download

play store 8.1.73
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Google is rolling out New Play Store update with version 8.1.73. While there aren’t any changes in the UI, but that doesn’t mean there might be no changes at all to see; but as we expect all the changes are made to the main framework for better stability. And refreshing of pages as you move across different categories of Apps. Overall speaking even though the update is not a major one it still brings a lot of the changes under the hood which ultimately will result in better user experience.

The last major update for the Google Play Store was seen in August; which brought new features that give users granular controls over on what they want to get notified on. The App will let the users know about the pending apps updates or new promotional offers as per the choice of settings the users have chosen. This feature is a nice addition and helps users a lot.

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