Gravenstein Apple Fair in Sebastopol celebrates Gravenstein apple, bees

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Kim Bernardi has attended the Gravenstein Apple Fair for nearly as long as she’s lived in Sebastopol. While the food is a big draw, it isn’t the only thing that brings her and her family back every year.

They love its connection to the land and its history. She said it’s a “throwback” to earlier times, when apples still reigned over the picturesque hills of west Sonoma County.

“It’s a little slice of Sebastopol life,” said Bernardi, a mother of three who moved to the area eight years ago with her winemaker husband, Neil.

Now in its 44th year, the Gravenstein Apple Fair, held this weekend at Ragle Ranch Park, is expected to draw 15,000 attendees over two days. It’s not just residents from Sonoma County, Bernardi said. They’re coming from all over the Bay Area.

“The crowds have found out about our little sweet fair,” she said.

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