How one man went from creating skin products at his kitchen table to a business turning over £25 million

Twelve years ago Jem Skelding sat at his kitchen table mixing raw ingredients in an effort to develop a serum for damaged skin.

Now the company he created had a turnover last year of £10m, a figure Jem expects to double this year and is targeting £25m by 2020.

He has been put off by the increasing amount of products with confusing labels on shelves and wanted to create something that was completely natural and ethically sound.

Today, Naissance sells more than 1,000 different products and employs 134 staff in the UK and Germany.

And from its base in Neath, the natural health and beauty brand, distributes all over Europe, as well as the USA, South America and Australia.

‘It’s been amazing to see the company grow over the last 12 years’

“Our challenge now is to continue this growth as we expand into new markets, all while maintaining our ethics and principles,” he says.

The inspiration behind Naissance and Jem’s passion for natural materials and products stems from a childhood spent in Africa with his family.

“Supermarkets were few and far between, and while there was a shortage of ‘ready-made’ products, there was an abundance of natural plant materials at our disposal,” he says.

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