Lose 5lbs in a week! Exclusive Scottish Slimmers seven-day plan to help you shift that holiday weight

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Lose 5lbs FAST!

If you put on a few extra pounds this summer, or just want to start a brand new weight loss campaign, Scottish Slimmers exclusive mini Feelgood Food Plan will get you off to a flying start. It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s fast!

For now’s the time to shift these excess holiday pounds as the kids go back to school and life gets back to normal.

Just think one week from today YOU could be pounds lighter if you follow Scottish Slimmers exclusive plan.

And to give you extra encouragement as well as our exclusive 7-day plan we follow 3 slimmers on their weight loss journey – and how they can testify that it is possible to lost 5lbs or more in your first week.

So what are you waiting for – now’s the time to lose it FAST!

Radiographer Laura Ferguson, 30 from Invergowrie

First week weight loss: 7lbs

Weight before: 15 stone 2.5lbs

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Weight now: 10 stone 6lbs

Clothes before: 18 /20

Clothes now: 10/12

Total Weight Loss: 5 stone 2.5lbs LIGHTER

Laura before and after

“I knew I needed to lose weight and as my 30th birthday was coming up I decided if I didn’t do something about my weight now I probably never would. Having seen an article about Scottish Slimmers in a magazine I decided their eating plan sounded realistic and easy to follow.’

As an added incentive Laura actually went online and bought her pass.

“I did it before I went to class,” explains Laura, who joined in the first week of January 2016, ‘because I knew if I bought it I would go and not chicken out at the last minute.

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