Mothballed rail tanker cars begin arriving in Adirondacks, sparking outrage

This aerial photograph of rail tanker cars parked by the Boreas River was first published by the Adirondack Explorer magazine. The photographer has asked to remain anonymous. The image is used here with permission of the photographer and the Explorer.

The first wave of rail tanker cars began arriving in the Adirondack Park this week. The mothballed industrial cars are being stored on track in the heart of the Park.

Iowa Pacific and its Saratoga North Creek Railroad subsidiary say they eventually hope to store thousands of mothballed oil and chemical tanker cars near the High Peaks Wilderness.

The company says it will drop the controversial plan only if it’s paid hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A long debated plan, now rolling forward

This week video went viral on in the Adirondacks showing rail tanker cars, many of them marked with graffiti, rolling north through Warren County. The cars are heaeded for a remote section of track in Essex County near Tahawus and the High Peak Wilderness. 

“We have finally achieved some success,” said Iowa Pacific CEO Ed Ellis at a public meeting in Glens Falls last Friday. “We do have actually one of the largest companies, Union Tank Car, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s company moving clean cars, not hazardous cars [into the Adirondacks],” Ellis said.

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