gonorrhoeae under microscope

New treatment for drug-resistant gonorrhea, Zoliflodacin, to enter global Phase 3 clinical trial

On Friday, the World Well being Group (WHO) released alarming new data showing that of 77 countries surveyed across the world, more than 60% report resistance to the last-resort remedy for gonorrhea.


On the identical day, Entasis Therapeutics announced that Zoliflodacin, a novel first-in-class oral antibiotic and one of many only remedies in improvement to deal with the rapidly-growing menace of drug-resistant gonorrhea will enter pivotal trials, because of a new partnership between the not-for-profit International Antibiotic Analysis and Improvement Partnership (GARDP) and Entasis.

Entasis and GARDP will co-develop the first-in-class antibiotic, zoliflodacin, in a worldwide Part 3 medical trial to be carried out in nations together with South Africa, the USA of America, and Thailand.

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