New Website Helps Inform Men About ED Treatments

The new website now allows men to discreetly chat online with trained clinical specialists to get more information anonymously, as these issues can sometimes be embarrassing or difficult to discuss.  There are informative articles and details on wellness/preventive measures for new patients.  The website also makes it very easy to book new appointments at one of 11 locations across the country.

BMG Director of Business Development Chris Morrow says, “We felt it was the right time to enhance the online experience for men, or their partners, to learn about the various new treatment options available; we also have plans in the near future to offer short telemedicine consultations with one of our board certified urologists.”  He continues with, “After the consult, most of our FDA approved medications will eventually be available for online purchase to patients, and at a fraction of the cost of other popular pills out there today.”   

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