Paula Deen Weight Loss — The Butter Queen Has Dropped 40 Pounds!

After being diagnosed with diabetes, Paula Deen embarked on a weight loss journey that has changed her life. Over the past four years, the celebrity cook known as the butter queen has dropped over 35 pounds — and has kept it off. Paula admitted her diet changed drastically at first, but she’s still the same Southern chef we know and love.

“When I was told I was a type 2 diabetic, I didn’t believe the doctor,” she told Dr. Oz in 2015. “At that point, I went home to my kitchen and threw out everything that was white. White bread, white rice, white potatoes, white pasta, and I did that for four months. Just four months and I lost 35 or 40 pounds.” Watch the video below to see her amazing transformation!

However, that doesn’t mean that Paula, 70, has completely cut out her favorite foods from her life. She still eats her famous fried chicken and opts for less of the real thing rather than fat-free meals. “Now I brought everything back into my kitchen, but the thing I’m really trying to focus on is moderation, moderation, moderation,” she added. “Eat a cookie, just don’t eat six of ’em.”

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