Richard Branson’s Virgin Sport will hold first half-marathon fitness festival in San Francisco this weekend

This weekend, the United States will get its first taste of British-born Virgin Sport, the latest spinoff from Sir Richard Branson and Virgin. The Virgin Sport San Francisco Half Marathon and Fitness Festival will run from Oct. 13-15, and the lineup of events makes it a race unlike any other.

San Francisco is the perfect venue for something like this. Photo: Courtesy of ASICS

“On a mission to move the world through sport,” Virgin Sport was conceived when Branson and co-founder Freddie Andrewes were cycling through South Africa. “The epiphany struck to build a movement that combines the sweat of sport with the swagger of Virgin,” according to Virgin Sport.

The first Virgin Sport events took place this summer in England, and this weekend’s event in San Francisco will be the inaugural event in the U.S.

The beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. Photo: Fara Rosenzweig

And living up to that promise of “the swagger of Virgin,” the Virgin Sport San Francisco Half and Fitness Festival offers participants much more than just a half-marathon. An entire immersive experience will be at attendees’ fingertips with a special 1-mile challenge, bootcamps, spin classes and yoga flows.

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