Richard Branson’s Virgin Sport will hold first half-marathon fitness festival in San Francisco this weekend

One of the most exciting challenges will be the Twin Peaks Mile, a 1-mile race up San Francisco’s long and winding Twin Peaks hill with panoramic city views.

The Twin Peaks Mile in all its glory. Photo: Courtesy of Florent Boutellier/Flickr

The Twin Peaks Mile can be done in four ways, including the costumed Style Mile (in which Branson will participate), the time-focused Straight Up, the Better Together group race and the interval-training HIIT & Run, which includes functional fitness challenges along the course.

The route. Image: Courtesy of Virgin Sport

And then of course there is the SF Bay Half, which takes runners on a route with views of classic San Francisco landmarks like the Painted Ladies Victorian houses, Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge and the Presidio of San Francisco.

The iconic Painted Ladies, San Francisco. Photo: Courtesy of Howard Russell/Flickr

While the race will have its challenges (wouldn’t be San Francisco without those hills) can look forward to finishing the race at the Go Fit Yourself fitness festival at Civic Center Plaza.

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