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Showbox APK for Android – How to Download & Install

Currently the only method of obtaining Showbox is by downloading the APK as the app is not widely distributed through the play store and any apps that you do find on the play store will not be genuine versions of the app.

If you’re worried about breaking any laws by accessing this app, Showbox is completely legal to use since you are not actually downloading the movies.

How to Install Showbox on Android

Okay, so since you cant get the app through the play store, by following these really simple steps, here’s how you go about actually getting it on your device;

Step One: Go to your settings > security and tap the unknown sources option. This allows you install apps from outside the play store. (If you already have this option enabled, skip right to step two)

Step Two: Download our 100% trusted Showbox APK by tapping our link from within your phone browser. By doing this a download will be initiated in your notification bar.

Step Three: After the download is complete, tap the completed download in your notifications bar and your device will ask you for permissions. You will tap Install.

Step Four: Once your install is completed, the app icon will be displayed on your home screen, tapping the icon will open the app and you are free to watch whatever you want!

So as you can see the process of downloading and installing the app is incredibly easy. We hope our guide helped you! Let us know in the comments!

What is Showbox?

Showbox is an application specifically targeted at Android users (Sorry iPhone users!), it can be installed onto any device running the Android operating system. Showbox is like having Netflix, Amazon and every other streaming service you could think of all rolled into one. It hosts a huge catalogue of movies and TV shows for your viewing pleasure, and the best thing about it is that it is totally free to access all of the features that the app has to offer. Pretty much anything you might want to watch will be readily available on the site and in HD streaming quality.

Even if you don’t really fancy sitting there squinting at your phone to watch something, you can always download an Android emulator on your PC and watch what you want on your computer, you could even HDMI your computer up to your TV, or if you have an Android powered smart TV you could still watch the films and shows you want on your TV!

Happy Watching!!

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