Single, and ready to mingle? Online dating expert shares tips to creating hot, savvy profile

Madeline Peña, 30, turned to online dating to get back in the game after a seven-year relationship with her ex-fiancé suddenly ended.

“Right now, I’m really just looking to meet new people,” Peña said. “I had no idea how to date, I didn’t even know how to flirt, or how to talk to guys period. The nightmare dates started about a month after I’d actually been on Tinder. There was this one guy, it was our first date and he invited me over to his place because he said he wanted to cook me dinner. And I thought that was so sweet and romantic. I’m sitting in the living room and he’s in the kitchen cooking and out of no where, I kid you not, he comes out half naked and he’s playing the violin, Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ And I’m just sitting there thinking this can’t be how people date. This can’t be real life.

That’s the thing with online dating, it opens up a whole new world of options, but that comes with the good and the bad.

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