Something to cheer about: When Pickard completed treatments, AJHS celebrated

Andalusia Junior High School had an impromptu pep rally Monday, and it had nothing to do with football. Instead, the students and faculty celebrated their teacher and co-worker’s completion of radiation treatments.

Students lined the walkway to the school, and the halls, cheering loudly as Tammy Pickard returned to class.

It was a routine mammogram at Andalusia Health in January, when Pickard discovered she had Micrometastases.

“The first thing I did when I received my diagnosis, was visit a breast cancer survivor, Patty Ashworth,” Pickard said, “She really guided me through the beginning processes,”

Pickard’s breast cancer was in the 2A stage, meaning that it was still contained within her breast.

The science teacher at Andalusia Junior High School knew she had to act fast.

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