Tesco, Waitrose in Australia? Food and drink targeted in potential free trade deal

The debate over the economic impact of Brexit is moving from the halls of Parliament to the kitchen table. In the wake of the pound’s sharp decrease in value, Tesco, Britain’s largest grocer, is in a dispute with wholesaler Unilever over pricing. Photo: Bloomberg News.

There’s a few changes coming to supermarket shelves.

BLACK pudding, mushy peas and room temperature ale aren’t exactly the gastronomic holy grail.

But Australian shoppers could get used to seeing a whole lot more British food on supermarket shelves under an ambitious $500 million strategy targeting food and drink post-Brexit.

Grocery items are a key part of the UK government’s “export action plan” that and aims to rejuvenate existing trade and open up new avenues between the UK, Australia and New Zealand by 2020.

Australian Food and Grocery Council CEO Tanya Barden said the renewed focus could pave the way for an influx of UK brands and products, and vice versa, as EU tariffs and quotas could be removed from food and drink.

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