Total Body Workout in 5 Moves

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Proprioception and Balance go hand in hand and in the aging population it is the first thing to go. Proprioception is your brain’s ability to know where it is in space. While you may think you are young and this article and workout doesn’t pertain to you, it actually does pertain to you. For the aging population, this might be a little advanced, but it is worth a try if you have no major orthopedic concerns. While the moves are safe, when executed correctly, these moves require a lot of body awareness and muscle sequencing which is fundamental for athletes, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts and those of you who are looking to challenge your entire kinetic chain through balance, multi-chain movements and multi-planar movements.

According to Dr Slava Shut of Back2HealthPT, “Compound exercises that utilize multiple joints and muscles all in one exercise is most preferred. As humans, we operate in multiple planes of motion at all times. We twist, turn, walk forward, move sideways, and ultimately need our training programs to replicate these movements so that we can train our proprioceptors in the brain to learn how to fire up the muscles responsible for such movements.”

1) Iso-Lunge to Lateral Raise:

First set yourself up into a lunge with one foot forward and the other back. Keep your hips squared forward and neutral (avoid hip hitching where one hip is higher than the other). Your back knee should be directly under the back hip. Bend both knees to a 90-degree angle and feel grounded before executing the exercise. Have a light dumbbell ready for the lateral raise. You can face your palms forward or down, whichever feels better in your body. Without disrupting your iso-lunge, exhale the opposite arm up to about shoulder height and pause at the top. Slowly return your arms back down while maintaining the same position in your legs. Keep your belly tight and your shoulders relaxed the whole range of motion. Do both sides.

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