Undefeated Hamilton Bronc girls host semi-final playoff soccer match | Local News

Hamilton High School will host a Class A semi-final girls playoff soccer match at noon on Saturday, Oct. 21, against Laurel High School.

The game is equivalent to the semi-finals in the state tournament and the winner advances to the State Championship game. The Bronc soccer girls are undefeated with an 8-0-3 overall record.

Coach Kiah Nisly said the greatest moment this season was the exceptional game of soccer the team played against Polson High School last Saturday.

“Our team controlled that game from start to finish,” Nisly said. “Last year we faced Polson in the same exact scenario, first round, and lost that game. This time around I saw a level to our team focus and unity that I hadn’t seen before.”

Nisly said the team philosophy in post season is the same philosophy throughout the year that winning, losing, and tying are teachable moments.

“You can always do better, even if you win, and above all else, a team sport builds up the group, not just the individual,” Nisly said. “I told my players to look at each other before the game last Saturday and play for their teammates, not for themselves. That is exactly what they did – they played selfless soccer and played the role they were supposed to play that day.”

The Hamilton Bronc Girls Soccer team is playing with a different line-up this year, with only four players in the same starting position from last season.

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