Virgin Sport Festival of Fitness cancelled due to California wildfires

On Thursday afternoon, the organizers of the Virgin Sport Festival of Fitness sent out a press release stating that the upcoming event would be cancelled due to the numerous wildfires ravaging the region.

Air quality, public health concerns, and resource allocation were all given as reasons for cancelling the event, according to the release.

The Virgin Sport Festival of Fitness was scheduled to take place Oct. 14-15 in San Francisco, California, and included the Twin Peaks Mile and SF Bay Half Marathon.

The CEO of Virgin Sport, Mary Wittenberg, said in the release, “Air quality is a major concern. Another priority for us is making sure that city and local officials, as well as first responders, have no distractions in doing what they need to do to help affected communities manage this situation. This was a big decision, given that this was our inaugural event and many stakeholders, including volunteers and of course the athletic community, worked hard to make it a reality. It’s also the right and necessary thing to do, for the sake of everyone’s health and safety. We truly appreciate the City’s flexibility in supporting our decision – and all those affected have our deepest sympathies.”

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