What Fad Diets Are Doing to Your Health


Photo: Claire Benoist

Keto, Whole30, Paleo. Even if you haven’t tried them, you definitely know the names—these are the trending eating styles engineered to make us stronger, leaner, hyperfocused, and more energized. Each is founded on an element of science and boasts an enthusiastic fan club raving testimonials all over social media. As a result, these programs are pretty enticing. “People want more control over their health, and they know they have the ability to manipulate their well-being by eating certain kinds of foods,” says Robert Graham, M.D., the cofounder of Fresh Med NYC, an integrative health practice.

The club aspect also makes modern dieting attractive: Friends embark on the plans together, swap tips and tailored recipes, and even bond over the discipline required of, say, the mono diet, in which you eat only one type of food. (Although you should def not diet with your roommate.) So it’s no wonder why fit women are diet hopping—experimenting with several, or all, of these eating routines in the quest for adventure, a challenge, and of course results.

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