Woman Suffers Stomach Pains, Weight Loss After Weeks of Roommate Slipping Her Toilet Water


“The toilet water would possibly cause the sort of infection that might cause a diarrhea illness.”

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Police say a Tennessee woman is facing a felony charge after going on Snapchat to brag about the grotesque stunt she was pulling on her Tennessee State University roommate.

According to the Ledger-Inquirer, Tierni Williams revealed online that she had been surreptitiously filling the water bottles of her roommate with water from the toilet. She was later charged with adulteration of food, liquid or pharmaceuticals with bodily injury.

If convicted of the felony, Williams faces three to six years in prison.

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An affidavit that omits the roommate’s identity claimed the unnamed woman reported health concerns over several weeks, including weight loss, lack of appetite and diarrhea.

She reportedly had no idea what was causing her symptoms.

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